Bing are fine. viagra online pharmacy review Gradually increase your activity level as you are able. Other activities (exercise, housework, sports) can be resumed gradually, as you are able and depending upon the type of surgery. Your surgeon can give you specific instructions. viagra side effects numbness Can i take a shower or bath? viagra canada online  — showers are permitted, but tub baths and swimming should be avoided until your doctor says it is safe to do so. Are there limits on what i can lift?  — lifting heavy objects can increase stress on the healing tissues. Most patients are asked to avoid lifting heavy objects (≥13 pounds) from the floor; if the object cannot be lifted with one hand, you should ask for help. eli lilly viagra 20mg Restrictions on lifting are generally recommended for six weeks after a major abdominal or vaginal surgery (eg, hysterectomy), and for one or two weeks after smaller procedures (eg, laparoscopy). Women who do not have an incision (eg, hysteroscopy, d&c) do not need to limit lifting. generic viagra online Can i drive or travel? buy viagra cheap  — you should not drive a car until you can move easily and no longer require narcotic pain medications. viagra side effects numbness You may ride in a car; as always, wear a seat belt when riding in or driving a car. Some surgeons recommend avoiding long trips by car, train, or airplane during the first two weeks after major gynecologic surgery (eg, hysterectomy). Speak to your healthcare provider if you have questions. viagra for sale Can i have sex? Can i use tampons? generic viagra canada  — after most types of gynecologic surgery, you should not put anything in your vagina until the tissues are completely healed. viagra side effects numbness Otherwise, you may develop an infection or interfere with healing. This includes tampons, douches, fingers, and all types of sexual activity that involve the vagina. These activities should be avoided for two to six weeks after surgery. viagra pills Ask your healthcare provider when you can resume these activities. cheap generic viagra pills online When can i return to work?  — you may return to work when pain is minimal and you are able to perform your job. After minor procedures, you may be able to work within a day or two, while for major procedures (eg, hysterectomy), you may require four to six weeks to recover. viagra generic dosage Time out of work also depends upon your daily activities at work; a person who sits at work may be able to return to work soone. Welcome to the home of
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