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Francisco to have the procedure done. buy viagra online   i had the procedure done on a friday, i flew home sunday and then i flew to the east coast the next wednesday. recreational viagra review   i would consult your cardiologist of course, but it was no problem for me.   just keep yourself rested and don't lift anything heavy. generic viagra   just relax - you'll be fine! Best of luck,  rob reply lifeisajourney   sep 24, 2008 to: michele1221 i was told no lifting over 10 lbs. Or stairs  for one week, i was tired, and now 6 weeks later i'd say i am at 95%.   there are times when i walk that my heart amps up, i wear a fitness heart monitor (my choice) and comfort level. buy viagra online in malaysia   i was also told no caffeine, no alcohol, and the least amount of stress would be the best plan. viagra without a doctor prescription   if flying stresses you, you may want to think about it.   remember, after the procedure the tissue does have to heal that has been burnt by the cautherization. buy viagra without prescriptions   i was told 3 months to fully heal/scar. buy viagra in malaysia If you do rest yourself following the ablation, it is the best thing you can do.   you'll do great, just take care of yourself.    reply michele1221   sep 25, 2008 to: everyone hi everyone!   just wanted to post a great big thank you!!!!   :)) thank you for your advice, suggestions, and information! directions to use viagra   i've obtained more information from all your posts then i have from my drs office - go figure!   again, thank you! :) i'll stick to my 10/06 ablation - and i'll try not to think about it until after its been done :)   thanks again, michele reply donnaheaps   oct 02, 2008 to: michele hi my husband flew 1 hour on a medical plane  for his ablation stayed 1 night after ablation and flew home again on a commercial flight no probs. Donna reply related discussions catheter ablation (4 replies):hi has anyone had this done? I have ist and am consideri... buy cheap viagra [more] strength (3 replies):i recently had the new procedure a-fib where dr. Best generic viagra price Goes up... [more] what to expect post-op svt ablation surgery (137 replies):ok, i am gettin ready to have ablation surgery for svt. [more] ablation for svt (2 replies):type your medical question here my daughter is having... cheap viagra [more] waiting for ablation (32 replies):i am waiting to have a ep/study-catheter ablation to be... where to buy viagra in las vegas [more] cardiac ablation - side effects (31 replies):help! My mom had cardiac ablation on monday - was told... viagra without a doctor prescription [more] chest pain following ablation (230 replies):hi all. where to buy viagra in las vegas I had an ablation 4 weeks ago and since that ti... [more] scared about ablation (32 replies):i am new here, but am looking for a place to turn. I wa... viagra email from yahoo [more] ablation recovery (4 replies):my husband has suffered severe bruising and pain that ha... viagra without a doctor prescription [more] ablation and travel (7 replies):greetings. cheap viagra online I have scheduled a consultation and ablation... [more] « previous next » < back to community post a comment to comment message exceeded the 8000 character limit post a comment add to watch list join this community today's pulse are you heart smart? cheap generic viagra Are you heart disease-savvy? viagra 10 mg a day P. Viagra and vision changes To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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